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EMIBIG is a lighting manufacturer with an incredibly diverse range of products in various styles, including modern, industrial, Scandinavian, glamour, boho, and classic.

We create trends by designing at the highest level. We accurately identify customer needs and introduce modern technologies and innovative solutions such as the EMIBIG Home application, continuously enhancing the value of our services.

We are distinguished by excellent product quality, attention to detail, and the trendiest global design, which is our hallmark. In production, we rely 100% on European components from local suppliers. All of this has earned the trust of thousands of customers, and our growing popularity abroad has led to the dynamic development of our exports.

The uniqueness and originality of our products always go hand in hand with their functionality. This means that they are beautiful and unparalleled. Our product range includes meticulously crafted, extremely stylish products suitable for all rooms.

Our EMIBIG Home app

Our EMIBIG Home app Our EMIBIG Home app

Selected lamp collections.

LOTUS - Inspired by Luxury

LOTUS - Inspired by Luxury

Luxury in a modern edition. Lotus is a family of lamps with an irresistible, almost magnetic charm. The series stands out with its unconventional aesthetics and world-class design. LOTUS is a premium product, made with attention to the smallest detail, from high-quality materials with a touch of luxury. The lightness of the lampshades and elegant color palette combined with an unconventional form and shape create a stunning visual effect. Lamps from the LOTUS series are true gems among the lamps available on the market. Their undeniable advantage is their universality, which allows for a huge number of arrangements in various styles and rooms. Their functionality, in turn, increases the possibility of adjusting the arm position. The LOTUS series will stand out in any room, enhancing its aesthetic value.

OSLO - Inspired by geometry

OSLO - Inspired by geometry

The OSLO family represents total minimalism. That’s where all the secret lies. The extremely simple form, the coolness of metal, smooth surfaces and uniform color scheme evoke real admiration for lovers of order, simplicity, and straightforward forms. Paradoxically, it is this unusual simplicity of the OSLO series that distinguishes it in a surprising way and does not allow one to pass by indifferently. It will fit perfectly into any arrangement, especially in a modern style or break other styles in an interesting way with its rawness, giving a unique effect. The OSLO family is an example of the power and possibilities of the simplest solutions.



The PIANO series is inspired by timeless elegance. The collection features lamps that will never go out of style and will always hold their ground. The unique design of the lampshades is what makes this series exceptional, with their new shape and original form. This series is a wonderful example of combining classical elegance with a touch of avant-garde and modernity, arousing curiosity and leaving a lasting impression. The PIANO series creates a magical, moody atmosphere and adds a sense of incredible warmth to any interior. The elegant, sophisticated color scheme and simple classic construction create a sense of perfect harmony and balance between practicality and universality and what is refined and full of class.

MAVERICK - Inspired by the loft atmosphere

MAVERICK - Inspired by the loft atmosphere

The MAVERICK series is beauty in a minimalist frame. Ultra-modern lamps that will work perfectly in minimalist, industrial interiors. The uniform and consistent coloration emphasizes their timeless simplicity and universality, while the sprawling construction with metal shades of an unusual shape adds a unique character and designer look. This collection is different from all others, simple, yet captivating with its abundance. MAVERICK lamps seem literally created to illuminate the table or kitchen island. In any room, they will be a particularly interesting decorative element with a WOW effect.

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